Alaska Statewide News

    Dominick Martin, 45, of Anchorage died while walking on a road near Houston when he was struck by a snow mobile. The driver of the snow mobile, Eric Wilmes broke his neck. His passenger was not seriously injured.

    Frank Murkowski, one of Alaska's Senators for 21 years has announced his plans for running for Governor of Alaska next year. The 68 year old Senator grew up in Ketchikan and has a home in Fairbanks.

    The Alaska Federation of Natives started their convention in Anchorage on October 21st. This is the largest gathering of Native Alaskans in the State and will continue through Saturday.

    A deer hunter, Frank Brown of Hoonah, and his hunting partner were attacked by a Brown Bear while carrying a deer on White Alice Mountain. Mr. Brown received a minor bite wound in the right thigh. The bear was shot by Brown's hunting partner and killed.

    Governor Tony Knowles has outlined new measures to limit the Anthrax threat to Alaskans. So far no Anthrax has been found in Alaska. In response to the recent Alaska pipeline shooting, the Governor is deciding whether to restrict access to the Dalton Highway in order to protect the Alaska pipeline.

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